SHIVER New Player Guide

Ready to start telling amazing stories in your favourite worlds from Film and TV or to create your own? This guide will help you figure out what you’ll need to make unforgettable game nights with the award winning SHIVER RPG.

Step 1 - Everyone Needs A Core Book

Regardless of whether you’re going to Directing the story or playing as a character in it you’re going to need a SHIVER Core Book. This has all of the basic rules and information you’ll need to make amazing stories with SHIVER.

Simply choose between a physical copy of the book or a digital copy.

Step 2 - Dice or not?

SHIVER uses special narrative dice to make rolls fast, intuitive and keep you immersed in the story. You can get physical dice packs here. We recommend 1 pack per player.

If you don’t want any physical dice you can also use our free dice roller or use the dice conversion table in the book!

This is all you need to start playing SHIVER. Keep reading if you want to tailor a story experience perfect for you.

Step 3- Genre Rules

Like Gothic Horror? Want to play as Frankenstein’s monster, vampires and other monsters? Secrets of Spireholm gives you rules for creating your own Gothic Monster characters as well as an epic 10 chapter epic story and setting to play them in. 

If this is your jam you can grab a physical or digital copy. Or a special edition if you’re a lover of fancy books!

Step 4 - Selecting Stories

Want some stories to jump right into? Here’s a few options:

The Cursed Library - 5 Stories, all from different genres to give you a buffet of possibilities to start playing. Grab it here.

Disciples of Dregstone - Decided SHIVER Gothic is for you? Add even more stories as you fight in the sewers in a industrial ratfolk revolution. Get it here.

Case Files - Want some inspiration for short stories and quick sessions? SHIVER Case Files give you the basics to get playing fast. Take a look here.

Step 5 - Accessorise!

There are a couple of other things you might want to pick up to enhance your storytelling.

Director’s Screen - Going to be running a game? Hide your rolls and dastardly plans behind this screen. It’s packed with references and tips to help you run engaging games.

Gothic Dice - If you’re picking up SHIVER Gothic you might also want some of Monster Dice. These work exactly like normal SHIVER Dice but have the monster variants of the Core Symbols on. You can get regular packs, or special silver bullet metal ones!

Step 6 - Want Exclusive Stories Every Month?

Want even more stories months before anyone else? You can join our SHIVER Patreon which will give you access to new horrors each month as well as a whole host of exclusive benefits.

Now start telling amazing stories and making game nights no one will ever want to miss!