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Someone In This Tavern Is a F*****G MIMIC! (Zine & Digital)

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"You find yourselves in a local tavern..." the line and setting that haunts the beginning of any fantasy set TTRPG, the common meeting ground for adventurers and kicking off point for a story. As classic as this is, I've always found the start of adventures that take this approach take a little while to get going. So how about we start this tavern prologue off with a bang? Or, this case, MURDER.

In the spirit of other social deduction games, SOMEONE IN THIS TAVERN IS F***** MIMIC!, does what it says on the tin. Someone amongst you at the table is a Mimic with murderous intentions and its up to the rest of the group to find out who it is before they kill their way through most of the patrons.

This game can be a fun way to start off a new adventure in your favourite fantasy RPG of choice and give it a nice horror twist and story hook for your players to explore. So drink up, warm yourself by the fire and keep your weapons close, as no one is quiet what they seem.....

This zine is presented on double sided A4.

You'll also receive a copy of the digital version of the zine.