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SHIVER Slasher

Generation Murder

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COMING Spring 2024
SHIVER Slasher: Generation Murder
Ever wanted to make your own Slasher movie franchise? SHIVER Slasher: Generation Murder shows you how to put together a whole host of Slasher sequels, covering everything from secret islands to sending murderers into space. The stories in this gorgeous 200+ page hardback book explore the life of crazed film director and the slasher creations his obsession spawned.
Want to tie your sequels together with returning characters? Generation Murder also contains brand new rules for generational characters! Did you survive as a teen through a slasher experience? Well now their back and your character is still here and fighting. Was one of your family a victim? Maybe it's time for some familial revenge? These generational rules work great for building that movie franchise feel and can be used in Slasher stories as well as in any other SHIVER story!