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The Cursed Library (Physical & PDF Bundle)

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A collection of terrifying tales for the award winning SHIVER RPG that really show the games ability to portray any setting and sub-genre you love. From Weird Wild West, to Arctic Special Ops Teams, to outer-space explorers, as long as something strange is going on SHIVER has you covered.

  • A Military operation discovers horrors aboard a lost ship in the Arctic circle.
  • A group of 1980's kids explore a haunted house on Halloween night.
  • A Wild West posse investigates mysterious disappearances at a mountain mine.
  • A crew answers a distress signal in the uncharted depths of deep space, only to find more than just survivors.
  • Broken down with no way home, a group search for help at an old farmhouse through the cornfields.

This bundle contains both a Hardcover Physical copy & PDF of The Cursed Library and its collection of stories including:

  • 128 Full Colour pages packed with illustrations
  • 5 stories from a range of genres including, sci-fi, weird wild west, Americana, Kids on Bikes
  • New items and enemies galore to play in the stories or add to your own creations
  • Detailed maps and encounters


Winner of BEST RPG at UK Games Expo 2022.

SHIVER is a tabletop roleplaying game that lets players bring their favourite scary movies, spooky tv shows, and horror stories to life. Ever wanted to play through the plot of your favourite film on the tabletop? Or wanted to make sequels, prequels and original stories in the worlds of pop culture you love? SHIVER lets you play that!

SHIVER is setting neutral allowing you to play any story, anytime, and as anyone. Want to play a game of teens in survival mode against a zombie horde? Kids on Bikes who dread exploring a haunted house on Halloween night? Or perhaps a medieval monster hunter looking for a werewolf, vampire or mage? SHIVER can deliver stories and characters for anything from cult pulp classic to Cthulhu fuelled eldritch mystery.

SHIVER has easy to learn rules which make it fast to play and keep you immersed in your chaos and dark magic filled stories. SHIVER uses symbolic dice to keep players immersed in the story as well as providing a visual role playing aid that does away with pesky arithmetic. Character creation is quick and easy with a simple skill point and ability system that links to the game's dice.

SHIVER is perfect for a one shot or short story between main campaigns. It can also be used to form longer narratives tying one-shot stories together using rules for sequels.

SHIVER is inspired by many great bits of pop culture which we really wanted to play on the table including:

Stranger Things, Dracula, Jurassic Park, Aliens, Evil Dead, Friday 13th, Hellboy, League of Extrordinary Gentlemen, Gothic stories, Hellraiser, Indiana Jones, IT, Stephen King and his works, Fallout, HP Lovecraft, The Thing, and many more...